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Case Study

Vigor Doors – Manufacturing

Turnover doubled in just four months after the business completed the Culture Shift programme

It not only brings out the best in my team, but myself as well

Claire Lowes, Operations Director at Vigor

Performance Team

Setting the scene

Vigor Doors Ltd is a fire door manufacturer in the North East of England that wanted to position itself for Growth.

“Culture Shift sounded like a fairly aggressive programme to get us into the best place for growth. There didn’t seem to be much else out there that offered such a turn-key solution” said Claire Lowes, Operations Director at Vigor

Vigor Doors started the Tribe365 ® Culture Shift programme in June 2020.

What process did you follow during implementation?

Culture shift follows a set schedule:
1. Week 0 Tribe365® App Implementation – Measure where things are
2. Week 1-6 HPTM® Leaders Leadership Training – Understand and set the rules for high performing teams
3. Week 3-6 Vision Map – Set the focus
4. Week 7 Deployment of HPTM® rules and Vision to wider teams
5. Week 8+ Programme Management – Monitor progress and react
Leading Teams

What roadblocks to implementation did you help the client overcome?

The leadership team initially had some reservations about the HPTM® part of the programme, as they thought it would be an added distraction from the great work that was already going on at Vigor.

“Finding time to keep the programme running with minimal disruption was initially challenging.” says Tribe365 ® Programme Manager, Oliver Randall. “This was overcome, as the leadership team gradually found more value in the programme than had ever been expected, and priority was aligned accordingly.”

How has Everything gone?

Culture Shift is a set programme incorporating various Tribe365 ® products and services. The main aim is to bring about a change in culture that produces high performance. Each product stream has had its own story.

Tribe365® App

Tribe365® App is launched first to start to measure where things are and to set a baseline to
measure from.

“The Tribe365 ® App has allowed us to really know where sentiment is within teams and react early to ensure we keep doing things better,” confirmed Gareth Davies, Vigor Doors Business Development Director

HPTM® Leaders Leadership Training

HPTM® Leaders Leadership Training is the second stage of Culture Shift and is a series of 6 x 2-hour sessions designed for the leadership team. The aim is to explore four principles that should become the foundations for all teams and activities going forward.

Claire Lowes offered a little insight with an energetic endorsement: “I wish I had been exposed to HPTM® Leaders earlier in my career, as it has brought so much clarity and simplicity to the way I lead from the front. It not only brings out the best in my team but myself as well.”

Vision Map

Vision Map is rolled out after the 2nd HPTM session. Vision Map is a service that pulls together organisation-wide feedback to build a Vision, Mission, Focus and Values and Belief that reflect everyone on the organisation.

“We now have a Vision that everyone lives by: “Doors for Life”. It’s not just some words on the wall – it really means something to everyone that works here” confirmed Dan, Vigor Doors’ Floor Manager.

Videos are released to the wider team upon completion of the Leadership Training and Vision Map.

Vigor Door Team Working

What Kind of success did the client enjoy?

The team has got a clarity and consistency of self which has reinforced the Vigor Door offering and shaped all activity, including digital. This has led to a sharp upturn in sales, which has seen turnover double from September 20 to January 21.

From January to March, there have been days where the team has produced 600% above standard predicted rates for a team of the same size.