One to One’s offloading

One-to-One Template Guide

One to One’s offloading

Purpose: To engage with team members privately whilst capturing & gathering continuous feedback. Individuals are given the opportunity to offload, allowing for honest responses. Value will arise from proposing necessary actions.

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5 Golden Rules

  • This is for the employee – nothing should be pursued from your point of view. Everything should be viewed and considered from the perspective and interest of the employee.
  • Talk as if you’re talking to a close friend. CER – Considerate, Empathetic, React
  • Listen, Listen, Listen
  • Make notes. Squiggle, scribble or scrawl whatever you need to do to ensure you are reminded of points and context.
  • Document Actions: Agree and update actions, progress together


How are things going?

This should allow the individual a chance to offload. “How are things going?” is a very good way of kicking things off. You can refer to the ‘Question Bank’ to help you expand on the question.

What you (as the manager) have seen

Focus on only good observations at this point – remember appraisals are for performance evaluation. This is an opportunity to build positive reinforcement for each other. Use any data available to support observations.


Use the one to one template to reinforce action recording. In subsequent “one to one’s” update any progress together and agree further actions or status progression.