One-to-One Template

One to One’s offloading

Purpose: To engage with team members privately whilst capturing & gathering continuous feedback. Individuals are given the opportunity to offload, allowing for honest responses. Value will arise from proposing necessary actions.

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5 Golden Rules

  • Listen first
  • Ensure previous 1 to 1 action are discussed
  • Focus on Person not Performance
  • Be positive, always
  • Document actions for future 1 to 1’s

Tone of Voice: Viewed as a natural & friendly conversation with an employee – questions are to be open ended to elicit information both known/unknown.

Additional Information: The One-To-One should take between 15-30 minutes.

  • Anything less: Insights may not be deep enough to create
  • Too long: Insights are bordering excessive; the conversation may pull away from the relevant goal

Tip: Try and stay clear around hearsay & gossip lead conversations


Q) How are things going?*The question above could trigger a series of responses, however keeping with the purpose, it should allow the individual a chance to offload. The questions below provide guidance for this – acting as prompts for the management team.

  • Are you getting enough from us?
  • Are you struggling with anything?
  • How’s your work/life balance?

Q) I can see on Tribe365 – from your daily’s you are top in ‘…………’ & ‘…………’ – – Great Job! – Things are looking positive; we’ll reflect on this next week.

Final Points: I have documented the main areas, next week – we can reflect on them.