Question Bank for Social Media

Question Bank for Social Media


Expanding on Base Questions

How’s things going?

  • “How do you feel coming to work”?
  • “How do you feel the team work together”?
  • “Are there any specific areas within the dynamic you feel aren’t working/need improvement”?
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Are you getting enough from us?

  • “What could we offer you to help you develop/time manage”?
  • “Are there any areas in particular you feel you need support with”?
  • “Do you think you would benefit from further/specific training”?

What’s your work/life balance like?

  • “What would help”? (Flexible working hours)
  • Time management – Is time being spent wisely? Look at prioritising.
  • Map out daily structure and focus on short term goals – easier and more realistic to manage.

Is there anything you are struggling with?

  • Is the issue purely work related or is there some impact from personal life?
  • “What kind of things should we look at doing to help you overcome ‘said’ struggles”?
  • “Why is this a problem area”?