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Transformation Programme Management

Making sure your organisation’s culture is travelling in the right direction

What Is Transformation Programme Management?

Tribe365® Transformation Programme Management oversees and enables successful organisational culture transformation.

It takes an organisation’s ailing existing culture and helps transform it into one that inspires everyone within it to perform at their best every day, thereby creating greater outcomes for all.

Culture Change In The Workplace

Why Tribe365® Transformation Programme Management?

Our transformation programme managers are heavily focussed on ensuring that our clients’ organisational cultures are travelling in the right direction.

Culture Shift™ is our culture change transformation solution, providing a tried-and-trusted process that minimises a client’s spend and maximises their outcomes.

All our programme managers can operate remotely using online interaction, ensuring minimal excess cost and maximum flexibility and value.

We also offer a bespoke solution tailored to any specific needs you may have which fall outside our off-the-shelf solution.


“I’ve tended to shy away from leadership training in the past because I didn’t feel I needed it. Yet HPTM has not only enhanced and reinforced my strengths but also given me a renewed focus that has led to great results from my teams”

Business Owner, Recruitment Consultancy

“I wish I’d done this programme sooner and not wasted my time and energy on other leadership courses that didn’t hit the mark, or on trying to be someone I wasn’t. My teams have excelled as a result of HPTM giving me great new ways of improving how we work together”

Operations Director, Fire Door Manufacturer

How does Tribe365® Transformation Programme Management run?

Changing Organisational Culture
Organisational Culture

Phase 1 - Foundation

Our Programme Managers evaluate their environment, ensuring they understand the current culture and organisational structure.

Organisation Cultural Movements
Leadership Teams In Organisation

Phase 2 - Planning

Our Programme Managers start to pull together a plan using leadership teams to define where things need to get to.

Cultural Implement Programme
Organizational Culture And Leadership

Phase 3 - Implementation

Our Programme Managers oversee the implementation of all deliverables and ensure budget and time spent are stuck to.

Diagnosing And Changing Organizational Culture
Organisational Culture Feedback

Phase 4 - Evaluation

At pre-defined points there will be continual progress reports. However as the programme closes out there will be a final report that highlights goal achieved.


Transformation Programme Management

Price: £1200/Day

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