Ready for 'The Great Resignation'?

Ways to stop this HR trend from severely impacting your organisation

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May 25, 2022 | 11 am - 12 noon GMT

You'll Learn

  • The extent to which The Great Resignation is threatening UK organisations and the economy in general
  • What’s prompting 25% of UK workers to quit their current jobs in the next quarter
  • What organisations can do to keep The Great Resignation from their doors and prevent serious damage

About Dan Webber

Dan is the co-founder of Tribe365, the Behavioural Governance consultancy which helps organisations of all shapes and sizes instil and protect the right place behaviours at work. Dan, who worked for the NHS for 11 years in Risk and senior Project Management roles, believes that organisations must help employees at all levels develop great workplace behaviours which closely align with company vision, mission and focus. Dan is the co-creator of the world-first Tribe365 app, which measures team happiness and culture, and helps people and organisations to reach their full High Performance Potential.