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What is Tribe365?

Tribe365® have everything to create individuals, teams and organisations ready to prioritise, promote, coach and lead collaboration within themselves and all around them. Collaboration ensures we deliver the best possible with everything available – every time. We have developed all our services to maximise ROI and we are immensely proud of our HPTM® collaborative culture framework which we have also licensed other providers to deliver.

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Why Tribe365®?

At Tribe365® we have focused on being a solution which works and delivers teams, leaders and individuals who pull together and thrive no matter what parameters exist around the team.

We have already seen our work used in European and Asian cultures, and within teams working remotely and within office and factory locations. We have seen measured benefits to workforce sentiment and output delivered through the effectiveness our programme delivers.

We want everyone to benefit from our learnings and have developed digital guidance we are more than happy to share for free, email team@tribe365.co for any support.

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How do we work?

We have developed everything to be delivered digitally so all our information, tools and expertise are available globally at the click of a button.

We are happy to impart all our knowledge for free via our YouTube Channel, our website blogs and via email team@tribe365.co. We have culture toolkit templates as well as pre-developed questionnaires to measure autonomy and belief. All can be provided for free via email or whatever works for you.

Our paid services for our Tribe365 app and any of our bespoke Services are for teams who want to be on top of everything in the best way possible and deliver maximum results in minimal time.

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Our Products & Solutions

Organisations creating great cultures with Tribe365®

We work with organisations, teams and individuals committed to Growth. Some of those teams are listed below to give an idea of the types of organisations we already support. If you have any questions or want to explore a challenge with us email team@tribe365.co and we’ll see what we can do together to create the highest performing spaces possible.

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An easy-to-use platform to help you take the guessing game out of what your teams want, need and how to keep them engaged by giving them a safe place to give feedback and be honest about their feelings.

Claire Lowes Director at Vigor Doors Ltd


Read the latest insights from our experts on how to improve your organisational culture and create High Performing Teams

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29 February, 2024

The Danger of being Judgmental

We all have ideas, opinions, thoughts and observations, right? That is exactly where we want things. The danger is when we allow ourselves to think other perspectives are a threat or invalid. That may resound with you immediately, which is.

29 February, 2024

Judgemental vs Supportive Mode

Introduction Ok let’s get something straight – we are all judgemental. You can’t avoid it. The moment we see anything or anyone, we are sizing it up from our perspective. It’s inevitable, right? But it’s how we manage our judgemental.

18 September, 2023

The 5 Essential Values

There are 5 essential values to focus on to ensure we are all in the best space to do anything. The five values are: Belief: We have to believe in everything we do Honesty: We have to offload the moment.

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