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About Tribe365®

A nonsense-free teamwork consultancy that champions collaborative culture

Getting workplace behaviours right

Negative workplace behaviours can sink teams and organisations. At the very least money and time will be wasted the moment behaviours start to fail.

So, how do you prevent this toxicity seeping into your team culture? And instead encourage great behaviours that create – and maintain – happy and high performing teams?

Tribe365® has the answer in the form of a range of straightforward but highly effective team culture solutions incorporating five tried-and-tested collaborative principles.

Getting workplace behaviours right

What are the five key HPTM® principles?

The happier people are, the better they will perform. And happy and high performing employees who feel valued and listened to will be loyal to your organisation.

But creating a great culture like that takes time, patience and adherence to five key HPTM® (High Performing Team Members) principles:

  • Belief: We must all believe in the things we do
  • Agile Structure: Everyone must agree with the way forwards and if not help it evolve.
  • Honesty: Everyone must offload the moment things feel off
  • Balance: Everyone must manage their own balance
  • Inclusiveness: Everyone must value everyone and everything to build forwards
Five Key HPTM® Principles

Who are we?

Tribe365® was co-founded by Oliver Randall and Dan Webber in 2020.

Both had worked in large and cumbersome private and public sector organisations where they’d seen high performance hampered by poor workplace cultures.

And they wanted to do something to change that.

So, Oliver and Dan joined forces to start creating technology driven solutions based on five guiding principles which they both passionately believed were the key to the creation of great team cultures which support happiness and high performance in the workplace, this resulted in the formulation of the Collaborative Culture Framework.

Tribe365® co-founded by Oliver Randall and Dan Webber

Before the COVID pandemic struck, it’s arguable that team culture wasn’t top of most organisational leaders’ priorities.

But today it has to be, thanks to a monumental shift that is seeing employees demand workplace environments where they feel valued and able to live happy, balanced lives.

And the happier people are at work, the more loyal they will be, and the better they will perform.

Tribe365® – thanks to the prescience of Oliver and Dan – is in the perfect position to provide organisations with the tools and framework they need to create happy and high performing collaborative environments that employees never want to leave.

HPTM (high performing team management) four guiding principles

Meet the Team

Contributors to the Tribe365® journey have been numerous and everyone has been so important in the journey, trying new ways of working, thinking and seeing the world. There will always be huge gratitude to everyone on the journey. Thank you. Here we wanted to keep a roll of honour and we have set the parameters to contributors who have participated continually and actively for more than 2 years. Does that sound ok? Should we change the parameters and include more? Currently this is what things look like:

Oliver Tribe365 App

Oliver Randall


Dan Webber Tribe365 App

Dan Webber


Tribe365 App Hugo Minney

Hugo Minney

Tribe Ambassador

russel jamieson | Tribe365 App

Russel Jamieson ChPP FAPM

Tribe Ambassador

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