Team development

Team Development

Coaching delivered fully online using proven HPTM® principles that enable teams to develop good habits and perform at their best

What is Team Development?

Our Team Development coaching is split into two categories:

  • Audit – assessing team dynamics and delivering a report focused on how to improve them
  • Growth – coaching HPTM® principles that enable teams to develop good habits

Our Tribe365® Team Development activities are delivered in sessions no longer than an hour. The aim is to achieve maximum impact with minimal input

What is Team Development

Why Tribe365® Team Development ?

Our Team Development is an extension of our HPTM® programme, and therefore geared towards helping you create High Performing Team Members.

This means that participants get exposure to our coaches and facilitators without having to commit to the full HPTM® programme.


“I’ve tended to shy away from leadership training in the past because I didn’t feel I needed it. Yet HPTM has not only enhanced and reinforced my strengths but also given me a renewed focus that has led to great results from my teams”

Business Owner, Recruitment Consultancy

“I wish I’d done this programme sooner and not wasted my time and energy on other leadership courses that didn’t hit the mark, or on trying to be someone I wasn’t. My teams have excelled as a result of HPTM giving me great new ways of improving how we work together”

Operations Director, Fire Door Manufacturer

How Does Tribe365® Team Development Run ?

Team Management Request
Team Development Request

Day 0

Submit Development Request

Team Development Invite
Invitation For Team Development

Day 1

Team Development Invite Sent

Team Development Event
Development Event

Day 2

Team Development Event

Team Development Report
Development Report

Day 3

Team Development Report


Team Development

Price: £500/session

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