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High Impact Collaborative Team Development which makes a difference
Creating teams displaying the 5 principles of High Performing Team Members (HPTM®)

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What is Tribe365® Team Development

Tribe365® Team Development are high impact short delivery sessions to enhance the practice of the 5 HPTM® principles: Belief, Balance, Agile Structure, Honesty and Inclusiveness. These behaviours facilitate the highest performing collaborative teams and cultures. The sessions are normally delivered in 30 minutes sessions with live scenarios chosen by teams. There are two areas of focus in the development sessions:

  • Audit: Gauge where teams are and how naturally they perform the 5 principles
  • Development: Coach teams as situations evolve to get better at spotting when to introduce focus on particular principles
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Why Tribe365® Team Development

The era of the workplace superstar who prides themselves on outshining everybody else in their team is over. Collaborative leadership and culture is where we all need to be.

Standouts of our programme are:

  • Rooted in real life experience: Tribe365® Team Development is rooted in extensive real business experience. In years of witnessing – at first-hand – organisations of all shapes and sizes making the same mistakes over and over again when it comes to team development we have evolved and updated the programme to best reflect the challenges teams are currently facing
  • Real time updates to the way teams work together: We are tenacious in our approach to team development. Making sure everyone is involved and real life value is delivered. We align everything as closely to the environments our teams are facing, ensuring relevance and clarity of benefits.
  • Data: We thrive on measuring where things are and where they end up. We always work with our clients to ensure we get some baselining and progress reports as we progress together
  • High Impact Minimum Resource: We ensure everything is focused with no latency in our programmes. Not a penny wasted and maximum results
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Short team coaching sessions with real focus

Tribe365® Team Development has been developed to deliver short bursts of truly effective and measurable high performance team coaching that organisations can easily afford and deliver maximum ROI.

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