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Remove the stress from getting behaviours right as individuals, teams and organisations
Only £4 per team member per month

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  • Team members download the Tribe365® app and use it for 15 seconds a day
  • You get all the support and guidance you need to bring behaviours to the best place
  • All you do is choose how much focus to dedicate


  • Helps create a great and high performing workplace culture
  • Only positive outcomes for all involved
  • Totally anonymous
  • Maximum psychological safety
  • Increased individual performance
  • Increased team performance
  • Increased organisational performance
  • Increased team member retention
  • Increased Recruitment Performance

“Off the Shelf” Organisational Behaviour Solution

You can waste a lot of time chasing your tail trying to get behaviours right in individuals, teams and organisations. Everything in Tribe365® app is underpinned by 4 core areas of focus: Honesty, Passion, Structure and Balance. If these 4 areas are in great shape, organisational issues almost disappear.

Tribe 365 application

Behavioural Data 24/7

Live behavioural data gives you a clear idea of where teams are every day in terms of how they’re feeling, and what might be getting in the way of them performing to their best. This enables teams to get on top of potential issues as early as possible, thereby preventing any negative fallout.

Tribe 365 apps

Minimal Disruption

Your teams and individuals can engage as much or as little as they want. The data is there to be used as a strong base for focus for everyone, and to allow honest reflection and positive firm actions to be taken. Remember: action and focus is at the discretion of individuals, teams and organisations.

Tribe 365 android app

As Easy As 1,2,3

To get set up, all that is needed is the basics (First Name, Surname, Email Address, Department, Office). We then send your team members their login details with a ‘How to’ video, and then you’re live and generating behavioural data 24/7. And we’ll be on hand to give you all the information and guidance required to get behaviours right.

Tribe 365 ios app

We only do Positive Reinforcement

Everything in the Tribe365® app is designed to support positive reinforcement. We have engineered the system to encourage peer-to-peer positive reflection through Kudos Awards and Kudos Values. And all offloading is 100% anonymous to everyone other than the Tribe365® offloading team, who have a secure zone within Tribe365® to maximise security and psychological safety for everyone.

Tribe 365 app management


What’s the largest size of team the Tribe365® app can support?

The app has been designed with scalability of teams in focus from the start. All our data is broken down into Organisation, Offices and Departments. This historically has allowed for splitting data as needed, however we are always on the lookout for new ways of doing things, so do keep any requirements coming.

What’s the smallest size of team the Tribe365® app can support?

The app has been used in a team of 2 and the results were positive. The success hinges on how much a team embraces the need for honest conversations, as all the app provides is a behavioural framework and the data to support adjustments.

Where are the Tribe365® app servers?

Why are Honesty, Passion, Structure and Balance the behavioural focus?

These are our default values, if an organisation has their own values ready to implement the organisation’s values will be the behaviours in focus. The default values have been set through our HPTM® (High Performing Team Members) programme which forms the basis for all Tribe365® work.

How long would it take to get an organisation of 10,000 using the Tribe365® app?

2 Days. The extract and upload of team member first names, surnames, organisation, department and team should take minutes if using csv. extracts. However for any implementation we’d always suggest leaving at least 2 days to ensure the data is correct and getting things right.

There seems to be so much potential functionality in the Tribe365® app, do we have to use it?

No. We have a pathway which focuses on simple things first. We first focus on maximum uptake of completing the sentiment pop up on a daily basis and supporting teams to achieve that. From there we start to focus on kudos and offloads. In short we make sure there is minimal disruption and maximum ease when on a Tribe365® journey.

The Tribe365® app in full:

Tribe365® is a business consultancy which specialises in helping organisations and teams get the right behaviours in place to maximise performance. The Tribe365® app is our vehicle for imparting all our experience and knowledge remotely, and for helping organisations get into great spaces without the need for physical support. Everything to do with Tribe365® happens entirely at the speed and focus an organisation is comfortable with.

Why Tribe365® App?

By the time your bottom line has been hit, it is too late.
Organisations may have fantastic ideas, services and products, but the biggest challenge will always be your people.
Our Tribe365® app can be the canary that lets everyone know when things aren’t where they need to be, so that leaders and managers can start reacting as early as possible. Because, let’s face it, by the time sales have been affected, it’s already too big an issue.

Implementation of Tribe365® app

The below task flow indicates what you should expect when implementing the Tribe365® app:

Day 0

Submit Order:

Client submits a purchase order

Transfer of Data:

Tribe365 ® app team requests First Name, Surname, Email, Organisation, Office and Department of Team Members

Accounts Created:

Accounts are created upon receipt of Team Member, Team and Organisation information

Day 1

Intro Emails Sent:

Emails with a brief intro to Tribe365 app and links to get started are sent to all team members

Measurements Start:

As team members access Tribe365® app, the app starts collating data to support individuals, teams and organisations

Day 2

Live Data:

First day of being able to see live organisational data

The Tribe365® app screens

The Tribe365 ® app is split into 6 areas:

Tribe 365 app flow

Home Screen

The home screen is the hub for all daily interaction. Everything you need is linked to from the home screen.

  • Vision Section

    Allowing immediate interaction with the organisation Vision, Mission, Focus, Beliefs and Values

  • Kudos Sections

    Facilitating reinforcement of values between team members. Kudos Values and Kudos Awards are facilitated in this section.
    Kudos Values: The act of reflecting on team members and awarding all values unless you definitely didn’t see that behaviour in the day
    Kudos Awards: Any stand out behaviour you want to highlight against any team member

  • Links to all Screens

    Allowing navigation to Home Screen, Know Screen, Offloading Screen, Risk Screen, Profile Screen, HPTM Screen

  • Engagement Score

    A summary of where you are with regards to getting the most out of Tribe365® app

  • Notifications

    A summary of all the actions you can take to maximise your engagement score.

Know Screen

The “Know” screen is the hub for summary data against organisations, teams and individuals.

Tribe 365 app working

Offloading Screen

The “Offload” screen is the hub for all your offloads so you can offload anonymously and maintain a very private space between you and Tribe365® to get the best resolutions and pathways forward.

Tribe 365 process

Risk Screen

The “Risks” screen is the hub for all organisational risks so you can see and interact with all organisational risks relevant to you. All risks are filtered under Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Tribe 365 app screen

Profile Screen

The “Profile” screen is the hub for all your settings and profile data. From the profile screen you can:

  • Adjust Profile
  • View your Actions
  • Re-do Organisational Studies
  • Contact Support
  • Set leave
  • Take a Tour of the app
  • Change Password
  • Logout
Tribe 365 app in HPTM

HPTM Screen

The “HPTM” screen is the hub for getting to grips with our world leading collaborative leadership programme HPTM® (High Performing Team Members). You can go as fast or slow as you want. The screen is split into Performance and Material.

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