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What is Tribe365® App?

Tribe365® app is your 24/7 Culture Engagement tool ensuring everyone understands everything about your organisation culture, and you can start measuring where your people are with it.

Why Tribe365® App?

By the time your bottom line has been hit, it is too late.

Organisations have fantastic ideas, services and products, however the biggest challenge will always be your people.

Our Tribe365® app can be the canary that lets everyone know when things aren’t where they need to be and start reacting as early as possible. Because let’s face it, by the time sales have been affected it’s already too big an issue.


“I’ve tended to shy away from leadership training in the past because I didn’t feel I needed it. Yet HPTM has not only enhanced and reinforced my strengths but also given me a renewed focus that has led to great results from my teams”

Business Owner, Recruitment Consultancy

“I wish I’d done this programme sooner and not wasted my time and energy on other leadership courses that didn’t hit the mark, or on trying to be someone I wasn’t. My teams have excelled as a result of HPTM giving me great new ways of improving how we work together”

Operations Director, Fire Door Manufacturer

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Employee Feedback

How does Tribe365® work?

The home screen provides a user-friendly control panel that enables critical anonymous interaction between your employees and organisation

This includes:

  • Vision Section – Giving the user full visibility of your organisation’s Vision, Mission, Focus, Beliefs and Values.
  • Submissions Section – A free text box that invites the user to anonymously share their exact thoughts and feelings about how work is going.
  • Kudos Sections – This functionality gives users the ability to ‘share the love’ anonymously by giving kudos (praise) to colleagues or teammates with the click of a button.
  • Engagement Section – Happy face? Sad face? ‘Not sure’ face? The daily Good Day/Bad Day index pops up at a set time each day to ask employees how their day has gone – all they need to do is click on one of the faces to indicate how they’re feeling.
Employee Satisfaction Survey

Know Your Organisation Screen

Our Know Your Organisation screen is set up so you can do some digging and find out where your organisation/team is with regards to culture performance.

All areas reflect studies consisting of the data from all team members in your organisation

  • Culture Index – The accumulation of all daily app interaction and studies against your team and organisation.
  • Engagement Index – The accumulation of all daily app interaction against your team and organisation.
  • Values and Belief – Allowing for adjustments to values and beliefs.
  • Team Roles –Allowing for team balancing.
  • Personality Type – Allowing for team balancing.
  • Culture Structure – Allowing for leadership style adjustments.
  • Motivation – Allowing for team balancing and rewards structuring.
  • Diagnostic – Allowing for team/organisation adjustments around business skills areas.
  • Tribeometer –Allowing for leadership/team/organisation adjustments in core culture focus areas.
  • Good/Bad Day Index –The canary helping leaders know when things are shifting into less positive areas.
Employee Assessment

Know Your Members Screen

Our Know Your Members screen is set up so you can understand yourself and other team members better. Facilitating stronger team work going forward.

  • Engagement Index – The accumulation of all daily app interaction individually.
  • Values and Belief – Personal assessment against company values and belief.
  • Team Roles – Individual results of the team roles study, highlighting the more natural roles we play within a team.
  • Personality Type – Individual results of the personality type study, highlighting our preferred ways of being.
  • Motivation – Individual results of the motivation study, highlighting the standard business factors which motivate us more.
  • Kudos – An accumulation of all kudos we receive against the company values.
Team Effectiveness Data

Data Console

We have an online console accessible via the website to view all your team/organisation data.

Looking at data via app can be quite tiring. The console allows deeper analysis and thought facilitating stronger arguments for change and improvement.

Tribe365® App

Free Version of Tribe365® – Measure your teams sentiment daily

At the very least start using the free version of the app today and know where sentiment is within your organisation.

Happiness in individuals is the cornerstone for high performance and not knowing if people are happy in your teams is negligent, especially when there is a free tool to help you keep on top of it.

Tribe365® App

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