HPTM Leaders

HPTM® Leaders

Focusing leaders on consistently getting the best out of their teams

What is HPTM Leaders?

Too many leadership programmes are grounded in complex, impractical theory that can’t be applied in real management settings.

HPTM® (High Performing Team Members) is refreshingly different because it gives leaders the practical tools and data to create great team cultures.

With focus, honesty, trust and enhanced team dynamics at the very core of all modules, HPTM® will help managers generate environments that individuals will truly thrive in.

The result? Happy, focused, energetic and loyal teams with passion that catalyses higher productivity, efficiencies and profitability.

HPTM Leadership Training

Why HPTM® Leadership Training?

Our HPTM® leadership programme simplifies the role and focus of a leader.

All leadership challenges are resolved by focusing on four core principles:

  • Committment – We must all only do things we sincerely believe in
  • Direction – We must all agree with the ways we are doing things
  • Selflessness – We must all manage and minimise our own conditions
  • Honesty – We must all discuss anything that interferes with our focus
HPTM Leadership Programme

Culture is always evolving and changing. Never more so than now, when remote working is becoming so prevalent.

Without the right culture and data-driven tools to drive it, you could find your team dropping off a cliff in terms of engagement and performance.

HPTM® Leadership Training will provide you with the visibility and practical tools to constantly improve team effectiveness.

Here’s what leaders say about HPTM®

“I’ve tended to shy away from leadership training in the past because I didn’t feel I needed it. Yet HPTM has not only enhanced and reinforced my strengths but also given me a renewed focus that has led to great results from my teams”

Business Owner, Recruitment Consultancy

“I wish I’d done this programme sooner and not wasted my time and energy on other leadership courses that didn’t hit the mark, or on trying to be someone I wasn’t. My teams have excelled as a result of HPTM giving me great new ways of improving how we work together”

Operations Director, Fire Door Manufacturer

How does HPTM® Leaders Run?

Below are the Stages of the HPTM® programme:

HPTM Introduction
HPTM Overview

Week 1 - HPTM® Intro

Introduction and overview of the programme and its components.

Leadership Behaviours

Week 2 – HPTM® Committed

Delving into why we should only ever do things we believe in. We look at how we recognise these beliefs, and how they can be applied to optimal effect.

HPTM Directed
Team Effectiveness

Week 3 – HPTM® Directed

Exploring SMART steps and why we must make sure we take steps that everyone involved agrees with. We look at how we recognise SMART steps, and their practical application.

HPTM Selfless
Team Focus

Week 4 – HPTM® Selfless

We all bring distractions into every environment we exist in. That’s a fact. So, how can we minimise unhelpful distractions and maintain focus at all times?

Team Building Activities

Week 5 – HPTM® Data

Taking what we’ve learned and applying it to the benefit of our teams and their activities.


HPTM® Leaders

Price: £12,000/10 Leaders

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