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Collaborative Culture

What is the definition of Collaborative Culture

A collaborative culture is an environment which has a fixed goal/vision and harnesses collective intelligence to deliver the best outcomes.A collaborative culture environment undertakes permanent defined work to balance control with autonomy to deliver growth, innovation and performance.

Why is a Collaborative Culture important

A collaborative culture delivers results harnessing collective intelligence of all involved. The benefits of collaborative culture are:

  • Improved Wellbeing
  • Increased Innovation
  • Increased Margins
  • Increased Growth
  • Increased Resilience
  • Increased Retention

What are the characteristics of a culture of collaboration?

The main characteristics of a healthy collaborative culture are:

  • A clear vision which is visible and audible within every activity
  • People are trusted
  • Everyone’s participation is highly valued and encouraged
  • A Commitment to shared decision making and problem solving
  • Direct Communication

How do you build a collaborative culture?

Building a collaborative culture requires focus on 5 areas:

  • Honesty: A psychologically safe environment, people offload the moment things are off.
  • Balance: Individuals responsible for their own balance.
  • Shared Ways Forward: Setting rules for progression. Shared decision making and problem solving.
  • Shared Belief: Setting a vision everyone believes in.
  • Inclusiveness: Realising the benefit of harnessing collective intelligence.

Implementing the 5 areas within a team requires understanding, planning and structure. We have created the Collaborative Culture Pathway Toolkit. The toolkit shows you what is needed and where focus should be for your teams.

At Tribe3650 we have also developed an app to sit within organisations and coach and support individuals, team members and organisations to the highest level of collaborative culture possible in the shortest lead time and least disruptive manner. Register for the app here, free for 1 month to see how we work, and after that £4/team member/month.

If you want free material like our Collaborative Culture Pathway Toolkit in pdf. or anything else email us on team@tribe365.co

What are the essential components of a collaborative culture?

The most important component of a collaborative culture is people and trust. Funnily enough the recipe for trust is the same formula for a collaborative culture. For us to trust anyone we need to feel:

  •  They want the same things as us
  •    They work in a structured fashion
  •  They are honest, they tell us when things are off
  •  They are balanced, they aren’t about to implode from excessive work or
  • They value us and our involvement

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