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A free off-the shelf solution focusing organisations on the importance of creating honest, balanced, happy and high performing workplaces.

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  • Sign up your Organisation, Teams and Individuals
  • Team members download the Tribe365® app and click a mood face every day to anonymously tell the organisation how they’re feeling
  • Organisations use these insights to improve their workplace culture
  • Leaders get all the support and guidance to create work environments truly conducive to wellbeing
  • You choose how fast to move


  • Increase Honesty and Balance within teams
  • Reduce Risk
  • Increase Performance
  • Team Member Responsibility
  • Only 5 minutes a day
  • Off the shelf solution
  • Maximum Psychological Safety
tribe 365 app

Reduce Risk

The Tribe365® Wellbeing app helps organisations focus on driving honest conversations about wellbeing in the workplace, and identifies barriers which might be preventing people from performing at their best.

It is so easy for all of us to fall into negative places in our minds — and those negative thoughts, feelings and perspectives can have a damaging knock-on effect. The Tribe365® Wellbeing app reduces the risk of negativity spreading through people and teams by encouraging them to reflect on how they’re feeling and anonymously offload their concerns or frustrations with the organisation.

Minimal Disruption

We’ve put everything in place for you, and mapped your journey towards becoming a company that truly champions wellbeing.

It only takes a matter of seconds for your people to click on the face
emoji – smiley, uncertain or sad – which best reflects how they’re feeling that day.

And it just takes 5 minutes a day for your teams to come together and reinforce positive behaviours through honest, constructive conversations based on the shared understanding that we need to feel at our best to deliver great work. And if we don’t feel at our best, we need to share and offload rather than allow those negative feelings to fester and breed.

Maximum Impact

A culture of honesty and mutual trust is essential to the success of any business. It can take years to create this trust and honesty between employees and their organisation.

But by dedicating just 5 minutes a day to reinforcing positive behaviours, you can develop universal trust between people and their organisation in just months.

maximum impacts tribe

You’re in charge

We may have mapped out your journey for you, but you’re still in charge, and can choose exactly how much focus you want to place on driving the programme through. Tribe365® simply provides continuous support and guidance to maximise the outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size of team is good for the Tribe365® Wellbeing app?

The app has been developed to be as scalable as possible and will work for any size of team, ranging from two people up to as many as you can challenge us with.

Where are the Tribe365® Wellbeing app servers?

How long would it take to get an organisation of 10,000 up-and-running with the Tribe365® Wellbeing app?

A matter of minutes, using .csv to extract team members first names, surnames, and their respective departments.

Should we just get the paid version of the Tribe365® app instead of the free Wellbeing app?

The Tribe365® Wellbeing app in full Tribe365® is an organisation which specialises in bringing the right behaviours into organisations to deliver the highest levels of performance. The free Tribe365® Wellbeing app starts teams on that journey.

Tribe365® Wellbeing Introduction

Tribe365® is an organisation which specialises in collaborative culture and bringing the right behaviours into organisations to deliver the highest levels of performance. The free Tribe365® Wellbeing app starts teams on that journey.

Why Tribe365® Wellbeing App?

We all champion how important our teams and people are, right?

But what organisational structure is in place to make sure people are in the best place to do awesome work on a daily basis?

What ‘people’ activity does the organisation reinforce on a daily basis?

Negative feelings lead to poor behaviours, which in turn leads to poor performance, and potentially tribunals and 1000s of other problems. So why don’t we have better structures?

With the Tribe365® Wellbeing app you can start to close these risks off. All you need to do as an organisation is look at the data generated by the app and talk about it as a team. Easy. And all it takes is 5 minutes a day.

Implementation of the Tribe365® Wellbeing app

The below task flow indicates what you should expect when implementing the Tribe365® Wellbeing app:

Day 0

Register Organisation:

Complete the order form for Tribe365® Wellbeing app

Teams and Individuals Live:

You’ll need to enter: First Name, Surname, Email, Organisation, Office and Department of Team Members. Access to the Organisation Admin console and .csv file transfer available for speed. All individuals will be live on completion

Day 1

Sentiment Pop-Up Live:

The Sentiment Pop-Up appears after 16:00 daily. We can get this up-and-running Day 0 if you want us to

Day 2

5 Minute Chats Start:

First day of being able to see live data. You can use these insights to start driving honest and constructive conversations which lead to happier teams and higher performance

The Tribe365® Wellbeing app screens

The Tribe365 ® app is split into 5 areas

The Tribe365® Wellbeing app is split into three areas:

  • Homescreen – The home screen is the hub for all daily interaction. Everything links back to the homescreen.
  • Sentiment Tracker – A summary of the current month’s sentiment. Gives the ability to filter departments and offices
  • HPTM Button – Allowing access to all HPTM® material

Settings Link

Allowing users to logout and change password

HPTM® Screen

The ‘HPTM®’ screen is the hub for getting to grips with our collaborative team member programme, HPTM® (High Performing Team Members). You can go as fast or slow as you want.

Access all the material. There are 4 module areas (Honest, Committed, Directed, Selfless); and, within each module, there are Intro Videos, Slides, Handouts and Understanding HPTM Videos.

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