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6 Week Programme Teams Ready for Growth Guaranteed

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What is Culture Shift?

A programme preparing teams for growth

Culture Shift is a six-week transformation programme for business leaders that will give them the practical tools and insight to create high-performing

The result? A great working culture filled with happy and motivated people that, in turn, delivers cost efficiencies, higher productivity, increased margins, and greater profitability.

How Does Culture Shift work?

Week 1

App Roll Out

Culture Shift is powered by Tribe 365, the dynamic data-driven team management app that draws on real and honest feedback from staff to help organisations shape better working cultures.

Tribe 365 paints a true picture of your organisation and enables the successful rollout of culture shifts that create high-performing teams.

Week 2-Week 6

Leadership Mindset Shift

The leadership team enrolls on a course of six two-hour sessions spread over six weeks.

The end result is a simplified leadership focus that facilitates speedier and better-informed organisational decision-making.

Week 3 – Week 5

Mapping the Vision

Vision Map is a three-week process that really captures the sentiment of what leaders would like their organisation to look like, fixing down the values and beliefs that drive that vision, and putting in place the framework and milestones to bring it to fruition.

Week 0 – Week 6

Programme Managed

The entire programme is overseen by a programme
manager who applies proven methods to ensure the programme delivers accelerated maximum value within the minimum time period

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