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Tribe365® Wellbeing Index

The Tribe365 Wellbeing Index is a way of truly reflecting how people within an organisation are really feeling based on anonymous daily feedback from employees.

Why would an organisation choose to put this index on display, for all the world to see? To demonstrate that it’s an organisation which really cares about its people and champions the idea that ‘happy people = higher performance’.

Why should I care about the Wellbeing Index?

The Wellbeing app is a genuine and truthful measure of how happy people within an organisation actually are feeling.

People who feel good will deliver to the best of their abilities. Organisations that tap into this idea will reap the benefits of happy, balanced people who perform at their best at all times.

Any organisation that’s brave enough to show that they really care about team and personal wellbeing so publicly are likely to have the strongest workplace cultures, right? And be in a great position to deliver amazing results time-and-time again.

How do the scores work?

60.1+ =
30.1 – 60 =
0 – 30 =

Towards the end of each day, users are sent a ‘How are things?’ notification asking them to anonymously tell the organisation how they’re feeling.

All the user needs to do is click on a smiley, unsure or sad face emoji to honestly reflect how they’re genuinely feeling at that point in time.

It only takes the user seconds to click. But the insights organisations get from these anonymous responses are priceless.


Because they let leaders and managers see potential dips – or rises – in wellbeing, and give them a really good indication of what might be causing them.

These insights can then be used to continually improve the work environment, with the aim of creating happier people and higher company-wide performance.

Why only one question?

‘How are things?’ is such a powerful constant question to keep asking and measuring within ourselves. Only we, as individuals, know how we really feel, right?

There is no set work or wellbeing policy or structure that can be applied to everyone to guarantee widespread positive sentiment, is there? How we feel and what works for us is something very individual — and something each one of us needs to take control of individually.

To do this, we need to start with reflecting on ‘how we are’ more regularly. And by acknowledging that we, as individuals, are responsible for talking honestly and openly about how we feel things are going in the workplace. Because these insights will help leaders and managers remove the stresses and frustrations that get in the way of our happiness and high performance in the workplace.

It is by facilitating and encouraging honest conversations that Tribe365 and the Wellbeing app deliver real value to organisations.

Start the journey with our Tribe365 app Or Wellbeing app and programme today!

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