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Do people perform at their best
when working from home?

Find out by joining our free Working from Home and Performance webinar

Thursday 21st July | 11am – 12noon GMT

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What we’ll be discussing:

  • Have workplaces become more digitally toxic since the beginning of the pandemic?
  • Does working from home aid or get in the way of high performance?
  • Is it possible to achieve a great balance of passion, structure and operational honesty in a work from home culture?

About Tribe365

Tribe365® is a no-nonsense team culture consultancy based in Darlington that enables organisations to instil their people and teams with the right workplace behaviours — at minimal cost and with maximum results.

Negative workplace behaviours can sink organisations. Tribe365® uses proven methodology – tested in organisations ranging from the NHS to GlaxoSmithKline and from manufacturing SMEs to digital agencies – to resolve all behavioural issues within teams.

Tribe365® measures employee wellbeing and engagement data on a daily basis, and leverages these crucial insights to help businesses understand the barriers stopping people from performing at their very best.


Oliver Tribe365 App

Oliver Randall

Programme Manager

Dan Webber Tribe365 App

Dan Webber

Risk Management – Risk Assessments

Rory Ffoulkes

Head of Content

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