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16 Feb 2021

Releasing Your Inner High Performance

What is Tribe365®

Tribe365® provides all the necessary tools to bring out the maximum performance of everyone, not only in your organisation, but everyone who comes into touch with any of the Tribe365® product offerings.

Tribe365® products and services are aimed at any organisation, and any individual, who wants to unlock their own inner high performance.

There is a firm mantra in Tribe365® “High Performing Everyone” founded on the principles that we are all high performing individuals within ourselves, we already display that in certain parts of our lives, Tribe365® simply gives everyone the tools and understanding needed to make high
performance a more regular constant in everyone’s lives.

Why would you need it

If you don’t thrive everyday and feel like you enjoy every part of your day and have high energy around you all the time, quite simply put, that’s not good enough. Life’s too short. Right?

We have overcomplicated so much and with a few simple focus points everything and everyone can be simplified to the point you’ll all enjoy life (yes even work) a whole lot more.

Needless to say, the knock-on effect of this is all the usuals. Higher performing workplaces etc. But the most important thing to us is the self-fulfilment of high performance that brings better environments.

High Performance Everyone

How Does It Work

Well there are a few products and we’ll start in no particular order:

  1. Tribe365® App – This is the tool for teams (more than one person) to start bringing a shared set of behaviours into focus. The app promotes interaction on a daily basis to assess how happy we are and whether we see shared values in each other, amongst a whole host of other information that brings greater understanding of each other. We use this so we know where things are and to target where we want things to be.
  2. HPTM® – High Performing Team Members is our set programme bringing 4 principles into focus (We must believe in what we are doing, we must always make sure each other is on the journey, we must manage our own conditions, The moment our energy levels are off, we must offload) We offer all our information for free, but also provide coaching for the faster implementation requirements.
  3. Team Development – We have 2 types of team development session “Audit” and “Growth”. The idea is that with our longer-term assignments we deploy growth which is similar to sports coaching (set tasks and make sure the 4 principles are managed at all times, if not drills to enhance the principles in question). Audit is used to assess where teams are so they can work on the gaps.
  4. Vision Map™ is our in house 3 week programme to set vision, mission, focus, values and beliefs. The process is geared to target any number of team members for one flat fee, ensuring the work pulls together organisation wide sentiment. This creates the strongest starting blocks for the teams we work with. Of course this product is designed to be repeatable as often as is needed to evolve with the teams.
  5. Programme Management – We have programme managers who oversee team transformation on a regular (almost factory like) basis and we believe we are in a great position to offer any team/organisation blueprints and experienced individuals to oversee any transformation process to ensure maximum results with minimum input.
  6. Culture Shift™ – If you have an impending doom outlook on your team and where it is, then Culture Shift™ is the product for you. This is a ripcord to bring a team back from the brink of annihilation. It is a 6 week programme to re-shape the leadership team and it is followed up by the same scrutiny and focus on wider teams. How quickly it spreads with wider teams depends on the size and relationships in the organisation team. One thing is for certain, after 6 weeks the leadership team will have a rejuvenated outlook or they will have left the building. We’re saving teams here folks.

As you can see we have most bases covered to bring about either a slow curve of higher performance or something that is like an injection of the highest adjustment medication on offer to inject life back into teams.

We do believe that everyone is high performing already in certain aspects of their lives, whether that is reserved for the largest emergencies or something that seems a very selfish level, it doesn’t matter, all we bring is an understanding so we can apply our own high-[performance as we choose to. This clears clutter and b/s from our lives and allows us to only do the things we truly believe in. This brings us all to happier places.

If this sounds mumbo jumbo, don’t worry you won’t be alone, but we do have the evidence mounting up behind us that this works and if you are brave enough start going through the programme yourself in your own time and find the arguments to prove us wrong. The material is all here.

If you are keen to get us involved with any of your team activity simply reach out and we’ll find out what you need or you can simply tell us what you are thinking.

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Written By Oliver Randall

Oliver is one of the Tribe365 ® founding members and has forged a career on finding passion in everything he does. Until the work with Tribe365 ® he never really understood it, and has found his real passion is unlocking the true passion and enjoyment in everyone around him.

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