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19 Apr 2023

How to always be in Growth mode – No matter your environment

As a species we are configured for growth no matter what – you only have to look at evolution. Our one default we cannot remove is that our body is always adjusting to be the best version of itself to match our surroundings. Does that sound fair?

So that covers off the body as a whole – but what about our minds? Are they always set to growth mode? How much does our own mindset inhibit our ability to truly grow as an individual? Sadly we are our own worst enemies. We can scupper our mental ability to grow far too easily

What do we mean by “Growth mode”?

There is plenty that can be inferred by the idea of growth. When we talk about “Growth mode” we mean capitalising on everything around us and being the best version of ourselves and striving to constantly improve and thrive in everything we are involved in and with, effectively constantly being a shining light. Is this the space you are always in? If not, why not? Shouldn’t we always be in a state of making the most of everything? Shouldn’t we be in “Growth Mode” all the time? In our opinion we should all work at it all of the time…

Why do we always need to work at being in Growth mode?

This is a great question. A quick answer would be that the moment we become comfortable that we have the right understanding and we are right in what we do, this is the moment that we probably don’t have the understanding and probably aren’t doing things as right as we could to progress to the best spaces, does that make sense? The reason being is that the world is always growing and evolving and people are constantly getting better at everything, so the moment you feel you are right and the best is probably the moment you aren’t.

how to always be in growth mode

A deeper understanding of why we should constantly be working to improve ourselves and everything around us is because, as mentioned earlier, there is a constant need to improve etched into our very DNA and we have an embedded thirst to constantly improve what we have in front of us and in us is, and it is a never ending journey – it is a human default. You may not recognise it, and that is fine. But I promise you if you are not allowed to be on a journey to improve things for yourself and those around you, you’ll notice it very quickly and severely – it is something that creates great detriment to an individual’s mental health. Can you see that when you think about an inability to improve things for yourself and those around you? If you really think about an inability to improve anything around you and for yourself you will feel a pain, can you see that?

This is sadly an essential need for humans, I say sad because it is not something very well understood or recognised by all of us, and in lots of us we’d reject the notion entirely. Hopefully this isn’t your position.

So, no matter what way you look at this we have a duty to ourselves if we want to live a more successful life then we must constantly improve, right? But also if we value our own mental health we should also take a very active role in improving what is in us and around us, right?

It sounds exhausting, right?

But it doesn’t have to be.

Being in a constant Growth mode is all about balance. Starting to understand what we need to do to constantly be in a good place for growth is best explored by starting to understand what stops us being in a Growth mode, what do you think?

What stops us being in Growth mode?

There are five common reasons we stop being in a growth mode and they are:

1 . We stop believing in why we are doing things

The funny thing is that this is a bit of an oxymoron as we only ever do things we believe in, otherwise we wouldn’t do them. However what starts to happen before we stop entirely is we align the reason we do things to the least positive belief we have. One of the most common examples of this is “I work because I need the money”, do you recognise that one? This is actually the funnest space to play with – although I know nobody enjoys it like I do, the reason being is that we are playing with such deep beliefs that have been embedded in people – I went to school because I had to, I have to work etc. and starting to explore this space can be very emotional. Maybe writing it down makes it easier to explore – you be the judge.

Imagine understanding that when we truly believe in things we bring out the best in ourselves – we start thinking laterally, we become proactive beyond belief and we almost never stop trying to achieve what we want to achieve. Does this sound right?

The way we have explored why belief is so important in groups is by imagining this scenario;

I walk up to you and ask you for £10, what do you do?

Pause and think for a while, what do you do? Do you have an answer? Did you give me the £10? Did you do it quickly or slowly? We’re you energised?

Now, slight enhancement, imagine I walk up to you and ask for £10 for a taxi, what do you do?

Again, pause for a while and think deeply about the scenario. What do you do? Again, did you give me the £10? Did you do it quickly or slowly? Anything you notice?

Now, a further enhancement, imagine I walk up to you and ask you for £10 for a taxi because my son has fallen and cracked his head open and is bleeding out and I need to get to hospital as quickly as I can. What do you do?

Again pause and reflect. Do you notice anything? Do you give me money? Do you find other ways of supporting?

This example uses the same action or task, giving someone £10, however the more you believe in the end result, something changes in you. You either act more energetically or less, can you see that?

This is why believing in what you are doing (and everything you do) is essential, it is the only way you can bring energy to an environment, does this make sense?

Can you see that if you align going to school, going to work all because you have to is very unlikely to bring any remarkable energy out of you?

Believing in what we do is all about the energy in ourselves to bring energy to an environment, and clearly if we don’t bring it – we are unlikely to ever deliver anything. These next reasons are all about maintaining the energy and of course if you don’t things can fall apart pretty quickly.

The next reason we stop being in growth mode is:

2 . We stop being able to be true to ourselves

A lot of the time we may start working in environments and then initially we hold back saying what occurs to us, or what we are thinking, or ideas we have, as we aren’t familiar with everyone and feel a duty to “tow the line” or not disrupt and will commonly bite our tongue a little. Now this can be a very normal and natural part to joining new groups. But make no mistake, it isn’t ideal – but it is likely and almost inevitable. Can you see that?

The reason “biting our tongue” isn’t ideal is that in us all we have a fantastic brain that elicits an emotional response for everything that doesn’t feel in the right space (or could be better). The more we repress our brain the more it affects us internally and we start to struggle to maintain purely positive energy, does that sound right?

We should be working on permanently understanding that our brains are vehicles for improvement and we must recognise that our emotions are merely a by-product of that process. We must work to understand the root cause of our emotions and explore with our teams to constantly improve what we are doing – if we don’t it builds inside of us and inhibits our ability to truly shine – does that make sense to you?

Being able to express everything that occurs to you is essential to maintaining a truly healthy growth curve and all too quickly our positive energy can drain out of us if we feel we can’t say what we are thinking. What do you think? Is this something you have ever felt? The important thing at this stage is recognising these areas of focus feel right and then later we’ll show what you MUST do to ensure you are always in growth mode.

3 . We don’t embrace the essential nature of structure and contribute to its evolution

We can buy into what we are doing and be able to say what we are thinking but then we have horrible structure which slows things down, brings unnecessary complexity and we are running for the hills!

It’s so common isn’t it, that we are repressed by the structure we have around us. We can disengage with everything, can’t we?

Imagine you are going on holiday with a group of friends, you are able to speak your mind about everything. But then you are confronted with processes around aligning with everyone and buying tickets, hotels, everything and it all gets very complex very quickly. Your energy can be affected, right?

Imagine you are at work, there are processes that seem irrelevant and laborious and interfere with your day and progress and you get frustrated, what do you do? Is your energy interfered with? Do you maintain the best possible energy to thrive in everything?

The truth is that everything around us is the product of everyone trying to create better going forwards and we must all find a space where we recognise this. Does that make sense? Equally we must accept that all structure is flawed as everything evolves and changes so quickly. Therefore we must all be engaging and helping all structure evolve at the same rate, does that seem reasonable?

If we take this line we are more likely to be able to find positive energy even when it feels like processes and structure initially feels a distraction. Does this sound like something you could apply?

4 . We don’t prioritise our own whims and needs

How often do we slip into sacrificing our own needs to deliver the end result rather than breaking rank and looking after ourselves, taking some “you time” to manage the right balance for us. We can all do this, and are likely to have done this, if not doing it right now! The more we do this it starts to eat into us and the more we ignore it the more aggressively and erratically we act when we finally find the time we feel we deserve. When people interrupt us we get so frustrated. When we don’t get that time or space back and we feel we deserve and have sacrificed so much for it, then when it doesn’t happen, more often than not, there are explosions of emotions.

So, instead of saving up the “you time” and feeling explosive when it doesn’t come – try prioritising yourself and getting others on board more often.

If you are constantly prioritising yourself and chipping away at what you need all the time the explosion and dips in energy shouldn’t happen.

Try prioritising longer lunches, a more decorated desk, earlier finishes, whatever it is that makes you feel better, go for it. A happier you works a hell of a lot better than an angry, bitter and stressed you, right?

Wait. How you address these things is so important – remember it is all in the name of a more productive you. If you want a longer lunch, understand why and how it contributes to the better version of you and why it is important. Remember – if you feel something is nice and good it probably is good for you, and really it is up to you to judge what is good for you – and nobody else, does that make sense?

5 . We don’t value everyone and everything around us

We start to get distracted by people and everything around us. We get bogged down in our own emotional web of complexity. Instead of purely valuing everyone and everything as a product of everything and everyone gone before and valuing the potential in building better going forward, we start to rule people and everything around us out because we start to judge and become emotionally negative.

We are human, we get affected by things.

If we see things happen it is amazing how quickly we judge. When we start to judge we prefix ideas and build an emotional wall to seeing things certain ways – uber positively or negatively – both can lead to huge challenges.

The only way to ever be is recognising the potential in everyone and everything to build forwards. Constantly pressing the “reset” button on your emotions and only viewing everything in a positive potential light. Can you do that?

Most people take this as meaning we don’t learn from the past – of course we do, but we draw lines under things and remember everyone is here to grow forwards – it is every single persons default setting, remember? We may not like some peoples direction – however it will still be an effort to improve on what they have, so instead of being bitter and resenting things, harness all energy and align it to what you can all achieve together, does this make any sense?

How to constantly be in Growth mode?

how to constantly in growth mode

Ok, it may come as no surprise that by taking the five aforementioned points and creating a regular focus may help prevent the noted issues, right?

  1. Well here you go, the five things you must do all the time to be in Growth mode and shine and constantly shine are:
  2. Always believe 100% in everything you do – if you don’t stop doing it
  3. Offload the moment things feel off – express don’t suppress
  4. Embrace all structure, it exists to help us improve, contribute to its evolution
  5. Prioritise yourself – understand your conditions and get others on board
  6. Value everyone and everything as positive and essential to building the best future

How do these points sound?


Maintain the above five areas of focus to constantly deliver your best work in everything you do. Both at home, at work, socially, within sport and wherever you may be. If you don’t you are likely to deliver “so-so” results and leave people around you deflated and disappointed, usually other people having to fill in the gaps you left and you feeling dejected and frustrated, or worse; convinced this is the way you are happy living life. Remember we are a species designed for constant improvement, the more you tap into this, the more content you will feel – don’t believe me? Give it a try and if things aren’t working offload to team@tribe365.co and we’ll support you through the journey.

At Tribe365® we work with our Five HPTM® Values (Belief, Honesty, Agile Structure, Balance and Inclusiveness) which have been developed from understanding how we all do our best work. We use the five HPTM® values to bring out the best behaviours in teams, individuals and organisations and create leadership styles and organisational cultures to deliver the highest performance in everyone. If this has raised a keenness to explore further email us or call us, we are always very happy to explore and support anyone pushing towards our journey towards High Performing Everyone, do you want to join us?

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Written By Oliver Randall

Oliver is one of the Tribe365 ® founding members and has forged a career on finding passion in everything he does. Until the work with Tribe365 ® he never really understood it, and has found his real passion is unlocking the true passion and enjoyment in everyone around him.

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