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8 Nov 2021

Get Everyone On The Toon Army Journey

I wouldn’t normally write a blog on something as contentious as football, especially coming from the North East of England. 

However, the similarities between what is happening at Newcastle United St James’ Park and what we – as behavioural governance and cultural change experts – see happening within a lot of organisations is too important to ignore.

It’s an extremely exciting time for NUFC fans and anyone associated with the club. But it’s also an important time to ensure that everyone knows, agrees on and is on the same journey.

We see a lot of organisations who experience rapid growth over a short period of time often become victims of success. 


Chiefly because they concentrate on getting everything functioning properly from an operational standpoint, but fail to make sure everyone is ready to head in the same direction and with real commitment. This can lead to resentment, factions forming, frustration and disappointment. People get left behind, and passion starts to wane. 

Change is often a shock, even when the change seems to be positive, exciting and very welcome. It is essential that the organisations keep the levels of commitment and direction as clear as possible, with everyone involved. What are we committing to? Where are we heading? How do we all get there?

If I had any advice to the new owners of Newcastle United,  it would be to make sure you harness the undeniable passion of the Toon Army – but also make sure the direction of the journey is clear and that everyone is onboard. 

Want to learn how to get teams working heading in the same direction and with real commitment? Visit our How To Build a High Performing Team page and get in touch with our expert team on +44 (0) 1325 734847 or team@tribe365.co

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